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Bloggy Giveaway Carnival

Edited to add: I’m all out of goodies to give away so this contest is over. Thanks to everyone for playing along! The backpack giveaway is still going til 10 PM Tuesday (scroll down on the main page to find it) And visitors, please come back again. I love hearing from people!!


Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

This week I am participating in the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival. I am giving away multiple items, thanks to many generous vendors who have given me some interesting goodies in the last few weeks.

What will you win? Well, this is an envelope giveaway, which means all the items are small enough to fit in a flat envelope. (That keeps postage affordable for me, and means that international readers are welcome to play along too.) The more comments I get, the more prizes I’ll give. But here’s the catch. Your comment number has to end in a ‘1’ for you to win a prize.

You may win more than one prize if you’re lucky, but you are only allowed to comment twice every 24 hours. I have no idea how slowly or quickly this will go, or how many people will play along with this game. So all I can say is keep an eye out if there is something you really want.

(((And dont forget my Land’s End giveaway!! It concludes on Tuesday!!)))
1st commenter wins a coupon for a free box of Cocoa Puff Combos cereal

11th commenter wins a coupon for a free year of Picnik Premium, a photo editing website

21st commenter wins a TNT DVD of The Closer(Season 4, Episode 1) and Saving Grace (season 2, Episode 1)

31st commenter wins a coupon for a free box of Cocoa Puff Combos cereal

41st commenter wins a 2 hour TripFlix DVD

51st commenterwins a coupon for a free box of Cocoa Puff Combos cereal

61st commenter wins a 1 hour Go, Diego, Go DVD titled “Diego’s Moonlight Rescue

71st commenter wins a 7-day T-Mobile Hot Spot card

This contest ends Thursday evening. So comment fast, and comment as often as twice a day. You just may be a winner!

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Proverbs 3:23-24

Then you will go on your way in safety,and your foot will not stumble;
when you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.

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Support AHOPE

You may have heard of AHOPE, a home in Ethiopia for HIV+ orphans, some of whom are now being adopted by American families. With the current huge hikes in food prices in Ethiopia, AHOPE is struggling to provide for the kids. Read this post if you’d like to support the kids by buying a t-shirt or just making a direct donation to AHOPE.

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If your 3-yr-old barrels into you making your camera hit the ground, get dented, and start SMOKING, could you safely assume said camera is a goner?

Thankfully we still have my husband’s camera. Same brand except 5 megapixels.

But still. Boohoo.

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Yes, this is yet another BlogHer post. I promise we’ll get back to our regular programming soon! But I thought you might enjoy a few pictures from the event. Unfortunately I didn’t take tons, but if you want more, check out the Flickr BlogHer 08 photo pool. It is huge!

But, on to my pictures. This first one was taken out my hotel room window. We stayed in an older part of the Westin St Francis. It is a really beautiful old hotel. In the second picture of Shannon and me, which was taken in our hotel room, you can see some of the lovely architecture of the building. Tall ceilings, crown moulding, etc. it goes without saying that it was delightful to finally meet Shannon in person. She is just as nice as she seems on her blog. This third picture is of the huge mob of women that descended on the conference hall every day. I don’t know if I’ve ever spent so much time in the midst of so MANY people!

The next three pictures were taken on a photo walk of Chinatown. It was great fun, and I got lots of fun pictures. Then you can see me with a little Muppet-girl (Zoey?? Sorry, I can’t remember.) We got the picture and some video for my youngest daughter. She was thrilled! The gorgeous overlook of San Francisco was taken from the glass-fronted hotel elevator, believe it or not. It was just a stunning view– and a little vertigo-inducing. Then there is a picture of the final keynote discussion, with Dooce and Stephanie Klein– very interesting and not without its share of dramatic moments.

The bottom row of pictures shows a picture of the fancy nightclub where one of the evening parties was held. Next is one of Shannon, (Babywearing) Stephanie, and the 5 Minutes for Mom sisters Janice and Susan attacking a poor helpless hot fudge sundae. It didn’t stand a chance.

The last photo shows the UnConference room. unConference was an interesting animal. Attendees suggested different topics by writing them on squares of paper, then sticking them into time slots on the big board you see in the picture. You then got to choose which groups you wanted to participate in. I went to discussions on adding value to your blog, making money blogging, and learning more about WordPress.

The WordPress talk was easily the highlight of the unconference for me, especially because after it was done, several WONDERFUL tech people spent TWO hours fixing a thorny wordpress problem for me. For free, bless their hearts. I kept telling them they didn’t have to keep working on it, but they were determined. One of them was Lizz from BlogHer, and the other was the amazing Sarah Lewis from FindableBlogs.com. Her website is VERY worth looking at– it is wonderfully designed and she offers a great service to bloggers. Go check her out!

Check out this post again later today, as I am hoping to update it to add another 20 or so bloggers that I met during the conference. But right now I must go weed the garden– it turned into a jungle while I was away. The corn is taller than I am!


Updated: More people I met at BlogHer

Serena Rain has a gorgeous smile and she writes at Zip ‘n’ Tizzy. I couldn’t believe how much she looks like Renee Zellweger.

Anne Marie Nichols at the Write Spot helps people market their business online, and currently has a helpful article about blog marketing at the top of her blog.

Crystal writes at Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper, and spoke at a panel on blogging and privacy.

Adrienne from Adrienne’s House is another blogger I met.

Gena Hasket is a videoblogger. She has two of the community keynote readings (in video) at the top of her blog at the moment.

Jennifer writes at The Word Cellar.

Heather writes Desperately Seeking Sanity and Desperately Seeking WordPress.

Jennifer writes at The Realistic Dreamer and is just getting started at blogging.

Gabrielle, aka Design Mom is one of the founders of Kirtsy. I got the chance to meet her on Saturday evening just as hotel security was trying to break up the very noisy cheeseburger party!

Jill blogs at Writes Like She Talks and currently has a video snippet of a VERY interesting session up on her blog. It was the session in which Obama and McCain representatives fielded blogger’s questions. I only got in on the tail end of it, but Shannon and Melanie both really enjoyed it.

Erin is a crafter who blogs at thingsworthmaking.com and at tentativeplans.com.

I got several chances to chat with Michelle of Scribbit
. She’s great and I’m glad to finally know her in person.

I met Gail on the photowalk and was pleased to learn she is a fellow homeschooling mom. She blogs at silvermine.blogspot.com. Wish we could have chatted longer.

Sarah and the Goon Squad traveled across the US with Meagan Francis and Devra (oops, sorry, forgot her blog). Anyway, I was pleased to meet Sarah and super excited to finally meet Meagan in person (half an hour before she headed home!). Over the last couple years Meagan and I have talked via email many times, and we have lots in common.

Arianne was part of our Saturday night trip to the diner. She was a twitter friend of mine before I even read her blog. She blogs at To Think is to Create.

Aurora writes at craft blog at Foxy Art Studio. I met her at a DIY/Craft meetup.

Amy sat at our table at the Dooce keynote address on Saturday night. She blogs at amy-mueller.com

Susan writes at Working Moms Against Guilt and seems like a really nice gal!

Marilyn at Slackermama.com was on the panel on introversion and blogging. (Over the weekend I chatted with so many people that I just about decided I am not an introvert. However my ensuing exhaustion upon homecoming tells the real story.)

And speaking of exhaustion, I really must end this post here. I will conclude my blog-card blogging with one final post in a day or two. (only 21 cards to go!!)

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New BlogHer friends

Over the next few days I’ll be working through my heap of business cards visiting bloggers I met at BlogHer. I hope to feature 30 20 a bunch of them each day until I get through my heap of cards.

Candy from Barrier Free Travels happened to be the first person whom I traded cards with at the conference.

Jessica writes Zakka Life, a craft blog that I am looking forward to exploring more. Here’s just one example of her useful, interesting projects, some of which you can do with your kids.

Living-inTheory.com Sugar and I found ourselves having a meaningful conversation in a restroom, of all things.

I met Mena the founder of SixApart and her beautiful little daughter at a very crowded Typepad party on Saturday. She now writes for Nested.typepad.com and at her personal blog http://www.dollarshort.org.

Stephanie O’Dea writes A Year of Crockpotting and I think I am remembering correctly when I say that she may have a book deal soon.

I met Sahar from FatFighterTV.com on Sunday. Her site looks interesting, especially if you’re needing a little moral support in the weight loss department.

Esther video-blogs at Faint Starlight. When I went over to chat with her, I was delighted to learn that she and her husband are hoping to adopt from Ethiopia in the next few years.

Debbie (Delicious Baby ) and I traded cards at the Saturday evening Dooce keynote. Her site shares tips for traveling with children.

Sandie Chen writes movie reviews for Common Sense Media. If I am remembering the right person, she brought her adorable baby with her, which is how I got chatting with her in the first place.

Ayelet from Pursuing Adventures in My 40’s has another interesting-looking blog.

Zoe’s morning toast blog looks like a very interesting and eclectic mix. I won’t swear to it, but I think I met her outside the cheeseburger party (just as the whole mob was being evicted). Chilihead and I were headed to chat with Babywearing Steph whose room was right across the hall from the party, so we hid in the stairwell for a few minutes so as not to be part of the security sweep.

Susan of WhyMommy and Mothers With Cancer and I shared hugs and tears. It was so nice to see her warm smile and meet her in person.

Mary writes In Women We Trust. She and I had a great time talking gardening at the nightclub party on Friday night, even if we did have to holler to be heard over the din. I was telling her about the fun I’d been having meeting people, and how I’d been able to find common interests with so many different people. She laughed and said, “That’s called getting older!” If so, it is a nice side effect!

I was thrilled late on Saturday to finally find Carmen from Mom to the Screaming Masses. I’ve read her blog for years, and she is even more fun in person than on her blog.

OK, I’m tired now…more peeps later!

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I cannot believe how tired I am. I didn’t stay up much later at Blogher than I usually do. Did get up a bit earlier. Did run constantly the whole weekend. But I still seem unnaturally tired.

Today to keep the parenting as effortless as possible, we took the kids to the movies. Second daughter is working at a movie theater this summer and one of the perks of that particular job is a family pass to the movies. We actually made it a double feature: Horton, and Speed Racer, which means they gave us 22 movie admissions for free– woohoo! The kids were thrilled. I was so tired I seriously slept through half of Speed Racer– noise, psychedelic(sp?) lights, and all.

I’ve got to head off to bed but I wanted to mention a few things. First of all, over the weekend I got to meet a lot of fun people and in the next few days I’m planning to share links to as many of them as possible. I thought y’all might like to know some of them too.

Second, The winner of the birthday story contest is Faith Mary. Send me an email with your address in it and I’ll send your prize in the mail!

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