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Oh, I have a fun giveaway for y’all! Lands End sent me this absolutely wonderful backpack. This thing is beautifully made– it’s Lands End, after all, complete with the fabulous LE guarantee— and is a perfect size. Not too big, not too small. And the pockets– the pockets in this backpack rock. It would be easy to be organized with this backpack.

Would you like to win this for one of your kids? Here’s what you’ll need to do.

1.) Mention this contest on your blog

2.)Comment here and tell me one ‘first day of school’ memory from your childhood.

Everyone who meets both those requirements will be entered into the drawing to be held this coming Tuesday.

And — this one’s for everyone!!– if you’re doing other shopping with Land’s End in the next week, here’s a FREE SHIPPING CODE:
Good July 24-30
Pin: 2784

Have fun shopping, and I’m looking forward to reading your ‘back to school’ stories!

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A contest

Because I am sick of thinking and endlessly talking (sorry) about seizures, I have decreed it to be contest day. I am going to be giving away a Precious Moments Birthday figurine to the person who can share the best birthday that you remember having as a child.

The one that comes to my mind is my 9th birthday celebration at my grandma’s house in Idaho, where she made me a cake and my cousins got to attend. Since my family lived in Missouri at the time, it seemed extra-special to have my cousins there celebrating with us.

I also have a fond memory of my 16th birthday. At 9 AM on the day of my birthday, I was at the driver’s license office office, ready to take my driving test. An hour later I had my new license in my hand. Don’t ask me what I did the rest of the day; that was the highlight for me.

Because I’m going to be pretty busy for the rest of this week, you have until Monday morning to share your memories. Sometime on Monday or Tuesday I’ll pick a winner. The Precious Moments figurine was donated by Preciousmoms.com. They also have a birthday party planning kit that you might like to check out.

I can’t wait to hear your memories. I’ll be reading with the focus of trying to figure out what tends to make birthdays most special for kids. With 5 kids age 10 or under, there are lots of Owlhaven birthday parties still in our future, and I’d like to make them good ones!

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Some of you were wondering what food prices are like in Ethiopia right now. Teff, the grain used to make Ethiopian flatbread is horribly expensive right now. It used to be about $30 USD for 220 lbs. Now it is $110 for 220 lb. Bananas are 50 cents US for 2.2 lbs. Lentils are $1.40 US for 2.2 lbs.

Then to put it into perspective, Sophie says her housekeeper makes about 30 cents per hour. Some men working near her house building a wall make about $1.50 a day. And the people with jobs are the lucky ones.

The food drive is up to $265.45. You have until midnight to donate so I’ll have time to get the money to my folks before they leave on Thursday.

One other thing that Dr. Mary needs is a good reliable tympanic thermometer. She’d really like to have one with sturdy enough covers that she could use one for several patients before throwing the cover away. If you would like to meet this need of hers, you can paypal me the money and designate it for the thermometer. It would also be helpful if someone could recommend a good reliable brand of thermometer.

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In Korea one of the first things that people ask a new acquaintance is their age. In Korea, you see, even the way you address someone is dependent on whether they are older or younger than you. I’ve been thinking about that custom today. It seems that I am turning 41. I’m not sure I’m so comfy with that. After all, 40 is just on the edge of 39. But 41? That puts me solidly into my 40’s, right?

That got me wondering about y’all. My perception is that most of my readers are younger than me…some 20’s and mostly 30’s, with a few 40’s and up here and there. But for my birthday I’m going to be a Korean mom (I’ve got 2 Korean boys, after all) and ask you how old you are.

If you want, you can just tell me if you’re older or younger than me. Or you can comment anonymously and tell me your actual age. If you are into full disclosure like mw, you can boldly shout your age attached to your real name. Or if you’re not into talking about birth certificate info, which I totally understand, just give me a birthday shout out. I’d especially love to hear from you if you’ve never commented here before. Let’s make it a party, OK?

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It is not too often that I toss out so many posts in one day, but this has turned out to be an interesting day. First I wanted to announce the winner of the book “A Mother’s Heart Knows“– Lainey of Blog in My Eye.

Second, CNN has also been writing about rising food costs. They mentioned the Frugal cooking carnival on their morning show today and have asked to interview me live via phone tomorrow. If you happen to catch CNN sometime between 2 and 3 pm Eastern time on Saturday, and happen to hear a woman with a very shaky voice yakking away about grocery shopping, say a prayer for me. I have plenty to say on this topic. But getting it out intelligibly over the phone– eek.

Oh, and if you have an affordable recipe or two to share, please feel free to add your blog– it’s not too late to join this carnival!

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I was given a copy of Lisa Bergren’s Busy Mom’s Devotional not long ago to review. This book is geared towards young moms who are having a hard time finding time for devotions. This book is actually set up to be done as one devotion PER WEEK, which should be totally doable for any mom. I liked that each chapter of the book included stories of Lisa’s life– she has three kids of her own– and I also liked that the chapter even included the Bible verses themselves, so that if you happen to not have a Bible nearby, you can still get your Bible time in.

Would you like a chance to win a copy? All you have to do is sign-up for Lisa’s newsletter here: http://www.lisatawnbergren.com/contact.html And then send Lisa a quick email with “I just enrolled” in the subject line. You can send the email right from the contact page. Lisa will draw names from those who sign up. She’ll be giving away three books, so get on over there and leave her a comment!

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Recently I was given the opportunity to review the book Generation NeXt Marriage by Tricia Goyer. The focus of this book is marriage-building. One of the fun things about this particular book is that snippets from popular 80’s and 90’s songs are woven throughout the book. There are also lots of quotes from folks who’ve gone through the various challenges discussed in the book. You can read a chapter of the book here.

The first time I picked up the book, the sheer number of quotes made the reading seem choppy to me. Nevertheless the stories being shared were interesting and left me thinking. The next time I picked up the book, the organization seemed fine– I think it is actually a great style for a mom like me who is frequently interrupted while reading.

If you would like a chance to win a copy of this book, just leave a comment below. I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday.

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Email —-> Real Mail

I just got a promotional offer that I am going to be able to share with some of you readers.  There’s a fun new service called Email To Postal which allows you to compose an email and them have it sent to someone’s actual postal mailbox.  I am going to be giving away 5 coupons good for 10 credits each.   To win, I’d like for you to tell me in comments about one really memorable piece of mail you’ve received.

One that comes to my mind is the letter I got from my grandmother one of the first days I lived in the dorms during my freshman year of college.  It was such an encouragement to hear from her during those first scary and exciting days of college!

I’ll be awarding coupons to five random commenters on Monday morning.  Is there someone in your life who would be encouraged right now by a letter from you?  Tell me about that person too, if you’d like…..

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I was wondering if anyone has some good ideas for kids’ Valentine’s parties…craft ideas, games, goodies…etc. Especially nice would be ideas that are both fun and affordable. I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned!

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Bloggy Giveaway Carnival

This week I am participating in Shannon’s Bloggy Giveaway Carnival. I have a really special item to give away, compliments of Mary Beth at Precious Baby Dolls. She is sending me the Kimberly Karen doll to give away to one lucky commenter. Kimberly Karen is a blond 18 inch doll in a sweet little PJ outfit.

Also available on this site is a baby from Guatemala. (The owner of this business is an adoptive mom!) Coming soon is a Chinese baby, and I’ve been told that an African baby is also in the plans for the future. These dolls look really special, and I am thrilled to be giving one away. I’ll tell you a little more about Kimberly Karen when I receive her! If you would like a chance to win her, please comment below. I will be announcing the winner on Saturday, February 2nd.

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