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So I had a great time reading that book about play that I mentioned to you in a previous post. I dog-eared at least a dozen pages, which in my world is a sure sign the book was a hit. This morning I decided to try out a couple activities on my little girls, in hopes that they would be occupied while I got through school with my 9, 9, 10, and 12 year olds.

Activity #1 was a big piece of poster paper sectioned off into big squares on which were written all the letters of the alphabet, one in each box. I set my 5 year old up at the kitchen counter with a couple of old seed catalogs, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. Her mission was to see how many fruits or vegetables she could cut out and glue to the proper square on her piece of paper.

She knows a lot of her phonics by rote, but it was still hard for her to figure out which sound went with which letter. She got about 10 letters glued on, with a fair bit of help from me, before she called it quits. We’ll probably work on that project more another day. I think she would have gotten more involved in it if my 3 year old hadn’t been doing another new activity, one that looked way more interesting to the 5 year old than the ‘schoolish’ ABC project.

Activity #2 involved a big bowl of water in the kitchen sink, some stirring spoons, some old spices I hadn’t used in forever, and a bench for my 3 year old to stand on. Her mission was to make a savory pot of ‘soup.’

She had THE best time doing this! She stood at that sink for over an hour, mixing and shaking and stirring and adding more water. And after the 5 year old finished her ABC project, she pulled out another bowl, put it in the other sink, and played right alongside her. I even caught the 9 year olds stopping by the sink a time or two, dumping and stirring a little too. This activity was a huge, major big hit.

The only problem? Well, when I was occupied with school with the other kids, the 5 year old decided that if a few spices were fun, more had to be better. She raided my spice cupboard, completely emptying at least 5 spice jars that I hadn’t even wanted them to use.

And flooded the sink. And the floor. And got turmeric all over the three year old’s clothes. Yeah. Big mess.

Sadly, the great spice party ended with a whole lotta floor wiping by the little kids.

The next time I let my happy little ‘cooks’ play this completely awesome game, I will make sure that my ‘good’ spices are far, far away.


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..please help me some more.

Which one do you like best?

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Giveaway Fun

The winner of the Baby Jamz cell phone is commenter #7, Holly from The Kladder Adventure. Holly, email me with your address and I will send the phone your way. And for everyone else who didn’t win this giveaway, there’s another giveaway going on now too. 5 Minutes For Mom is giving away a cool Insignia shelf system. Check it out and enter the drawing!

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Fall Y’all Giveaway

This week I’m participating in the Fall Y’all Bloggy Giveaway. The gift that I am giving away is a neat Beth Moore Bible study-in-a-box. This kit contains all you would need for leading a retreat or a short Bible study. It includes a leader’s guide, post cards, posters for promoting the study, and 4 video sessions on DVD, all in a pretty box. To enter the drawing for this giveaway, leave a comment here. I’ll be announcing the winner of the drawing on Friday morning. Head over to Shannon’s place to see the list of all the other bloggers who have something to give away as well.

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Got a really nice email the other day from Jason at Adultitis who said he and his wife Kim enjoyed my blog and that they’d awarded me the Adultitis Antidote Award. Thanks for the encouragement, you two!

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Necklace Winner!

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Well, it’s Friday, time to let you know who won my necklace giveaway. I let random.org do the picking for me. The winner is Melissa at Our Side of the Mountain. Congrats, Melissa! Email me your address and I’ll head the necklace your way! Be sure to check back in with the other drawings (click on the picture to visit the main list!) and see if you’ve won elsewhere. There should be lots of winners out there this morning!

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We make and home-can a lot of salsa in the summertime at our house. The more peppers the better. Even the little kids like spicy food around here. The problem is, we use the salsa in a rather sporadic way. Often we’ll use just half a jar in a meal, then stick it in the fridge and not need it again for….well, days? Weeks? Who really remembers? When it’s time to get out the salsa again, I always treat the partial jars with suspicion. Just how old is it?

I now have a perfect solution: the DaysAgo timer. This little gadget is about the size of a watch-face, and does one simple thing for you: it counts days. Every time you need it, you zero it out, and then it begins counting. it is magnetic, so it can stick to the top of a salsa jar or a baby food jar or whatever. If you want to remember when you last watered a plant and don’t use the ‘droop’ method like I do, stick one on your plant. If you want to know when your kid last cleaned out the ‘dinny pid’ (guinea pig) cage, stick one there. This is a fun little goodie.

I’m happy to say it is also my last giveaway for the week: the winner gets a packet of two. On Monday I’ll announce the winner of the DaysAgo, as well as the winners of both books. So leave a message in comments if you want a chance to win!

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Review Week…with giveaways!

Starting tomorrow, I’m doing a week of reviews here at the Owlhaven. I’ve got quite a few products to tell you about. Each day I’ll feature at least one product or book review. To make it more interesting for you, I’ll be giving away 3 different prizes. I’m also going to tell you about something fun happening on July 20th. Stay tuned– you don’t want to miss it!

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This week’s winner

Somehow I lost a post– the one mentioning who’d won this week’s Opinion Saturday. I know I hit ‘publish’, but what happened to it after that is a mystery. Anyway– fun comments, everyone– thanks!! The Golden Keyboard this week goes to Our Seven QTpies.

OK– hitting publish again — let’s see if this attempt sticks around….

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On Saturday I asked for things to pack on our upcoming trip to Ethiopia with our 5 and 2 year olds. (In case you’re curious, this involves a 2+ hour flight to San Francisco, a 3 hour layover, 10+ hours to Frankfurt, Germany, just over an hour to change planes, and then 9 more hours to Addis Ababa. Repeat in reverse on the way back home, except add in two more children, ages 11 and 9, and a 7 hour layover in Germany. Should be good fun! grin) Anyway, you all surpassed yourselves coming up with good ideas. I have lots of ideas for little things to bring that should be really helpful on the trip. Thanks so much!!

The two winning ideas– and the winners of 6 month netflicks memberships –are Learning Patience and Common Traveler. If you gals will email me, I’ll give your info to Netflicks so they can start your free memberships. Netflicks is so much fun because along with all the most recent stuff on DVD, they also have old classic movies, educational stuff, cartoons, and everything in between. Thanks to everyone who helped me out with all your great ideas. I appreciate – and will probably need – every single one!

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