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Cabbage Patch Kids

I’ve been busy doing 30 Days of Nothing over at my new blog, but wanted to write here about a product I was able to review recently.   The original Cabbage Patch kids were introduced in 1983.  I was in high school and past the doll age at that point, but got into the craze a few years later when my own daughters were given them as gifts.  I have to confess that I have never found the looks of the dolls especially appealing, but I did love that each doll comes with her own name and birth certificate. And– more important — my daughters loved them.

That’s why when I was recently offered a sample of the new 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Doll, I accepted happily.  There are African-American ones available, which is important to me as a mom of African American kids.  The doll that I was sent is actually fair-skinned.   I think my 3 year old will like that  (it’ll be a Christmas gift– shhh).  90% of her dolls are African American, but it is nice to have a little variety.  I know from experience that these dolls are extremely well made, and I was surprised to read in the press release that they will be selling for only $29.95.  For some reason I’ve always thought  that these are very expensive dolls, but that seems like a reasonable price to me.

One thing that is fun about these dolls is that they are big enough to wear preemie baby clothes, which I sometimes find at yard sales and thrift stores.  No doubt you can also buy more outfits at the toy store, but I am too cheap for that. Anyway, if you’re starting to think about a Christmas gift for a little girl in your life, there’s another option to consider!


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