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One of the super-lovely perks of blogging is cool things to review.  This week’s arrival at the Owlhaven was unusually awesome.  An Epson Artisan printer/copier/scanner/fax.  I probably would not have sprung for this baby on my own, being a tightwad and all– it runs nearly $300.  But now that I’ve seen it and played with it….oh, who am I kidding?   I really am too cheap to spend $300 on a printer.  But let me tell you, this printer is.sweet. 

It prints black and color text up to 38 pages per minute.  It can do a 4×6 photo in amazing quality in 10 seconds.  It has a document feed feature as well as several different paper trays for various sizes of paper and envelopes. And it’s wireless!  Which means it can sit in my bedroom, out of sight, and I can print from the living room.

I haven’t played with this tons yet, but I did print off some really gorgeous 4×6’s and 8×10’s from our recent family photo shoot. The paper that came with the printer was really high quality and supposedly will last many years.  And the photo quality was JUST stunning.  My husband came home, saw the 8×10 and asked me where I’d had it printed.  He was shocked to hear that the printer was sitting on my desk.

I also tried out the copy machine feature– a huge bonus for a homeschooling mom like me.  My first attempt at the copy machine feature (without reading any instructions) netted me 4 nice looking handwriting pages in less than 2 minutes.  The machine is very easy to use and it is smokin fast.  I am going to have fun playing with it some more.

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